We Are The Night (2010)

October just isn’t October without some good old fashion lesbian vampire flick. Admittedly, it’s an exploited genre, but some are halfway decent and some are actually pretty good. Case in point is the German film, We Are the Night, of which I confess to having mixed feelings.

So what’s different about this one? For one thing there are no male vampires; and I don’t just mean in the movie. We’re informed early on that the female vampires (of which there are about 100 worldwide) eliminated all the male vampires a long time ago due to the greediness and stupidity of their male counterparts. In essence, the sharp-toothed creatures of darkness are a global matriarchy.

The protagonist of this film is Lena (Karoline Herfurth), a scruffy, dirty gamine petty thief. Early in the film we see her in the streets of Berlin pickpocketing the wallet of a pimp who’s under police surveillance. The undercover cops are forced to make their move and one of them, Tom (Max Riemelt) ensues the chase after Lena. She manages to escape but he’s already smitten with her. I don’t see why. It truly stretches credulity to imagine that anyone would fall at first sight upon a filthy, scruffy, sweating, bleeding stranger.

The same thing happens to Louise (Nina Hoss) when she first sets eyes on Lena at the underground rave club she owns. Something in Lena’s eyes tells Louise this is the soulmate she’s been searching for centuries since her great love (the vampire who turned her) died in Nice. Again, I can’t imagine what a worldly, sophisticated and sultry woman like Louise finds in teenage petty thief Lena at first glance. But then again Louise isn’t human. She’s a centuries old vampire and the autocratic leader of a trio of female vampires. Perhaps her supernatural power allows her to see what Lena could become. And what a transformation indeed after Louise bites her. When Lena is placed in a bath in one of the luxury suites where the vampires live in Berlin’s Grand Hotel, we are treated to some amazing CGI magic. As she’s lowered into the water all the dirt, scratches and tattoos disappear. Lena, who has very short hair, is suddenly and magically transformed into a beautiful, long-haired woman without a blemish on her alabaster skin.

The other two vampires who make up this family are Nora (Anna Fischer), the bubbly raver who was turned in the 1990’s at the Love Parade. Then there’s the enigmatic Charlotte (Jennifer Ulrich), a 1920’s silent film actress who was forced to abandon a husband and infant daughter when Louise turned her. Charlotte would rather spend her time reading or listening to classical music (when she’s not feeding) than engage in the modern world.

The women’s lives are a stereotypical adolescent fantasy; shopping, driving luxury cars, having sex with strangers without fear of STDs, doing drugs without fear of addiction and living in the lap of luxury and hedonism. And yet none of them are happy and as the film progresses it becomes apparent why.

Louise has misread and terribly miscalculated Lena. Lena is in love with Tom and she hates being a vampire. This will bring disaster to the coven.

I should say that all the actresses, especially Nina Hoss deliver solid performances. Even though there’s plenty of blood (as would be expected in a vampire flick) there’s mercifully little gore. The movie boasts of some great cinematography, very stylish set design and inventive action sequences. To be honest, I think a prequel of We Are the Night would have been much better. I cared more about Charlotte, not only because I found her to be the most beautiful but also the most fascinating of the group. I would have liked to learn more about her back story and history with Louise. Also I would have liked to know more about Louise’s past and the female vampire/lover who turned her centuries before at a masked ball.

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