Happy Lezzie Lunes! Our First Mini Bollo Bio is Jodie Foster

It’s Lezzie Lunes!!!! Starting today we have a new section where every Monday we provide a mini bio of an accomplished lesbian or bisexual woman. I know it’s not quite the same as winning the Lotto over the weekend and not having to go back to work but it will make Monday mornings a little bit more fun ….and interesting. So without further ado our first mini bollera bio (it’s the bio that’s mini, NEVER the bollo) is Jodie Foster!

*lunes (Spanish for Monday)

*bollera/or bollo (Spanish for dyke; specifically used in Spain)

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Born Alicia Christian Foster (nicknamed Jodie by her siblings) on November 19, 1962 in Los Angeles, California, Jodie Foster is one of the most accomplished if not the most gifted actress of her generation. She’s one of the very few child stars who not only grew up to have a successful acting career as an adult but also managed to avoid the pitfalls and excesses of fame. The youngest of four children born to Lucius Fisher Foster III, an Air Force lieutenant colonel from a wealthy family and Evelyn Ella “Brandy” Almond. Her parents divorced before Jodie was born and she and her siblings were raised by their mother who supported the family working in film production. Her mother was also her manager for many years. Jodie is estranged from her father and has stated that she has only met him about three times in her life.

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Jodie’s first on screen appearance was at age three in a commercial for Coppertone suntan lotion. She would then have parts in a few television shows and eventually a couple of Disney movies. But it was at age 12 when she played her first significant role as a child prostitute in Martin Scorsese’s ‘Taxi Driver’ that she received greater public attention. She would receive her first Oscar nomination for this role as the object of Travis Bickle’s (Robert DeNiro) crusading obsession. She continued to make movies for the remainder of her childhood and teens. Once graduated from the Lycee Francais (where she learned to speak fluent French) she would enroll at Yale University. It was while attending the Ivy League university that she began receiving unwanted letters and phone calls from a stalker by the name of John Hinckley Jr. His name would soon be in every news outlet around the world when he shot US President Ronald Reagan in a disturbing attempt to get the young actress’s attention. Jodie has never spoken about this episode and to this day it is a verboten subject in any interview she grants.

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jodie foster silence of the lambs

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It would not be until 1988 when Jodie would win her first Oscar, as well as a Golden Globe award, for ‘The Accused’. In 1991 she would go on to win her second Golden Globe and Oscar for her role as FBI agent Clarice Starling in the unforgettable blockbuster ‘The Silence of the Lambs’. With her third  nomination and second Oscar before the age of 30 (the first woman in Hollywood) Jodie Foster had now consolidated her reputation as a high-calibre actress. She would continue acting and receive further Oscar and Golden Globe nominations but she now also turned her attention to directing. She continues to receive plaudits both as an actress and as a director, although she has stated that in the years ahead we will be seeing less of her as an actress and more of her as a director and producer.

In January, 2013, at age 50, Jodie Foster received the Cecil B. DeMille award, an honorary Golden Globe given to a performer for “outstanding contributions to the world of entertainment”. It was during her acceptance speech where Ms. Foster publically acknowledged her sexual orientation. In a very moving speech in which she thanked the most important people in her life (including her mother who now has dementia and her ex-partner Cydney Bernard with whom she has two sons) it would be the first time that the fiercely private actress would openly state that she is a lesbian.   

Among her upcoming projects Jodie will be directing some more episodes of the hugely successful Netflix original series ‘Orange is the New Black’ and she will be starring along with Matt Damon in the futuristic thriller ‘Elysium’.

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jodie foster you've come a long way baby

Jodie Foster deserves the admiration and respect that she commands as an artist. She’s earned it. You’ve come a long way baby!



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