The Pleasure Set by Lisa Girolami

After the end of a four year relationship and a bad break up Laney DeGraff is desperate for some fun, pleasure and genuine connection, all the things she now realizes her girlfriend of four years rarely gave her. As if in response to her unspoken prayers, the sleek and gorgeous Theresa Aguilar walks into Laney’s bank one day to open an account. Although Laney is the president of her family-owned bank on Rodeo Drive, Theresa requests that it be Laney herself to assist her in opening the account. Days later, knowing that Laney is still feeling dejected since her breakup, Theresa calls her and invites her to a Hollywood club. It’s high time Laney moved on and had some fun so she accepts the invitation. At the club she’s taken to a secluded VIP section where Theresa and her friends await her. These friends are well known actresses, gallery owners, Hollywood lawyers. Beguiled and star-struck with her new celebrity friends, as well as enticed by the business possibilities, Laney becomes a part of the Pleasure Set. The latter is the name that some outsiders have given to this exclusive and underground group of beautiful and powerful Hollywood women.
At the same time, Laney finds herself attracted to Beverly Hills Detective, Sandrine Girard, who for years has had a soft spot for the bank president, but because Laney was already in a committed relationship with another woman Sandrine never let her true feelings show.
As Laney gets deeper into the Pleasure Set she begins to discover a very dangerous and unpleasant side to Theresa and the group. And while many would do anything to be admitted into this exclusive clique, Laney would do anything to get out, she knows too much and what she knows now frightens her. When she finally comes clean to Sandrine asking her for help, their growing attraction for each other may jeopardize not only the undercover operation they put in place, but also Laney’s life.
‘The Pleasure Set’ is a fun, thriller/romance you can read in one sitting. Author Lisa Girolami has worked in the entertainment industry since 1979, including ten years as a production executive in the motion picture industry. I’m sure there’s a lot of real life interesting stories she could tell.



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